About Us

Jack Keeter, Study Group Leader

Jack Keeter is an expert in “thinking outside of the box” when it comes to prospecting and sales strategies for insurance agents and financial advisors. Jack Keeter Marketing opened its doors to agents and advisors nationwide to show them how to simply, yet effectively, grow their practice and “not be the best kept secret in their communities”. Built from the success that Jack has experienced as an advisor, his commitment to others is to utilize his experience and success to provide the tools and coaching needed to strengthen their personal practice and create exponential opportunity.

Jack began in financial services in 1994 as an advisor. Adhering to the production goals set before him as a first year advisor, Jack created his own unique marketing systems to meet and surpass yearly requirements. While most advisors in their first year of the business trust cold calling or lead generation sources to gather prospects, Jack paved a different road. He began exhibiting at RV shows and meeting local retirees, he contacted HR managers and CPAs and formed professional alliances within his community. Jack didn’t keep his talents as a financial advisor the best kept secret in town; he made his voice and wisdom known in his community.

Jack began focusing primarily on the affluent and retirement markets in 1995. It was then that he witnessed the challenges that his Uncle Paul Miller experienced with the health care system and his financial affairs as he lived through the last days of his 91 years of life. Jack was amazed at how disorganized retirement could be without proper planning. There was a lack of good information being given to the nation’s growing retiree population, and Jack decided to strive to do his best to inform investors of how to plan for the distribution of their life savings in the most tax advantageous manner. In 1999, Jack founded, Jack Keeter & Associates because he wanted to be able to offer affluent and retired investors prudent, unbiased advice.

Jack’s unmatched success has often warranted him the stature of keynote speaker at many industry affairs. It isn’t solely because of his accomplishments that he receives these honors, but because of the passion he has in what he does and the enthusiasm he delivers to his audience Jack Keeter’s Biography with new ideas and the motivation they need to succeed. He has a sincere interest in improving the lives of those that work with him, not just for his personal clients, but for every agent and advisor he works with, which ultimately benefits their clients as well.

Through the Jack Study Group, Jack is letting the secret out about how to be successful in a financial practice. A philosophy that he lives by as a personal producer is; “No one can benefit from your wisdom and experience but you, if you keep your wisdom and counsel a secret.” He also applies this philosophy to his sales and marketing company. He shares his experiences and talents to teach and benefit other agents and advisors who want to mirror his success. He’s created a number of unique systems and products during his rise to success, and has been sharing these ideas with others. He has trained over 14,000 financial advisors how to use his marketing strategies to build their businesses. Jack created “Wish List Marketing™” which describes simple things you can do to increase your exposure and build profitable relationships in your community. Using those ideas, along with a dozen other prospecting, networking and sales strategies, Jack has successfully built his business. Jack has opened the doors to his practice through the Jack Keeter Marketing and his systems are now available to other agents and advisors.

Jack has received many distinguishing awards within the financial services industry. Most notable is his induction into the 2003 Senior Market Advisors Hall of Fame.

Jack has been a featured columnist for the magazine “Senior Market Advisor®. He has appeared on CNBC and CNN Radio as the Host of “Well Preserved with Jack Keeter”.

Senior Market Advisor Magazine called Jack “One of the skilled few”.

His greatest accomplishment in life is his bond and love for his Wife Colleen and their four children, Darla, Zachary, Grace and Ellie.

Scott Skalisky
V.P. Marketing

Advisors working with Scott Skalisky will learn that he has a tremendous amount of perspective in this industry as he has done it all. Starting in 1984 as a captive agent, Scott then enjoyed bouts as a Regional Marketing Rep at two different major insurance carriers. Then, following a successful term with one of the nation’s largest AMOs, Scott went into personal production for six years, rounding out a career with a wealth of experience.

Scott first met Jack Keeter shortly after his induction into the 2003 Senior Market Advisors Hall of Fame. They soon became trusted friends, both with a passion to serve Advisors.

Jack Keeter Study Group is pleased to have Scott on the team as one of the talented Sales Coaches working with Agents across the country. Scott truly enjoys the one-on-one support he gives producers, and uses his personal experiences to help educate, encourage and make successful producers.

Scott feels with his position at Jack Keeter Study Group that he is “back home”. He explains, “My favorite position in the industry has been coaching and serving the advisors, why? Because I feel it is what I am meant to do. It comes naturally to me and I love to help advisors with their success.” And this is what he does well. Whether he is mentoring a newer advisor or helping a seasoned advisor find prospects (another one of his favorites), Scott is all about serving.

Scott believes his greatest accomplishment in life is his love and bond for his wife, Diane, whom he believes is his own special angel, and his son, Elijah, who is ten years old.

Kelley Collins
Director of New Business

Kelley has been in the insurance and financial services industry for 25 years. For the last 13 years she has worked as an office manager for a small insurance agency and an annuity marketing consultant with one of the largest FMO’s in the nation. She has earned the designation of Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS) and holds a Kansas Insurance license.

Kelley joins Jack Keeter Study Group as the director of new business. She feels her understanding of insurance products and the sales process will greatly benefit the advisors she supports. Her hands on approach will help to get business paid in a timely manner and keep advisors informed on the status of their business.

Kelley, a native Texan, currently lives in Olathe, Kansas with her husband Robert and 11 year old daughter, Ashlee. Her passions are playing golf, reading, church and her family.

Joyce Patterson
Director of Licensing & Contracting

Joyce has worked on the administrative side of the financial industry for her entire career. She has been an Administrative Assistant to the loan department at a bank, Accounting Department Manager for a local office of the FDIC, Executive Assistant to a CPA, Licensing Department Manager to a large marketing company and Office Administrator to two small marketing companies. All of these experiences have guided her to Jack Keeter Marketing where she is enjoying her position as Director of Licensing and Contracting.